LadyGodArt: Artwork by Marianne McGinnis

Curated & Interviewed by Annie Kesselhaut


Marianne Mcginnis of LadyGodArt has been creating and discovering her artistic vision for over 30 years. She grew up outside of Philadelphia and was raised in a big, loud, funny, and very creative family. Marianne attended the University of the Arts and The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia before moving to NYC.

She vividly remembers the path where she started creating her art:

My parents encouraged us to make art, to pay attention to style and to appreciate all things style. One of my fondest memories is reading Vogue magazine with my mother. I just had the idea fairly young that I could be an artist.

Without really knowing it, I was on a path to find my most authentic style. I’ve found it now. I started painting large canvases in oil; then as my NYC apartments began to shrink, I had to change to painting smaller and using gouache. I recently began to work large again and changed my medium to acrylic.

Can you walk us through your creative process?

So, first I find visual information from fashion magazines and Pinterest searches. When one strikes me, I choose it. When I’m ready to work, I do this thing where I have to tidy up my apartment first, do the dishes, sweep the floor, and organize my workspace. I can’t paint in a messy space. I know many artists who do the same thing.

Aside from being an artist, do you have any other profession at the moment?

No! Halleluiah! I was laid off last year and I decided that I needed to make art without a safety net. It’s been pretty scary and it’s been very rewarding. So far, so good!

Any shows or current ways that you are showcasing/monetizing your work?

Yes. I use Instagram daily and sell a lot through them. I was able to support myself during an appendectomy hospital stay by running a $150 portrait special. I created a website for myself,, where people can purchase my art. In addition to all of these things, I’m planning on selling my art on the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan in the spring and summer. I love doing it for the people I get to meet that I otherwise would not. I’ll be in a show in coordination with Yellow Fine Arts soon in downtown Yonkers. The downtown area has been given a large grant to spend on revitalizing and creating an arts community. Last year was a great show, 3 floors of art and many artists. I’ve given up on the traditional gallery system. I want to keep all my money, not give 60% of it to someone else.

What is your goal as an artist?

So many goals! A major goal is to be self-supporting as an artist. I want to be the second woman artist chosen by Linda Fargo to be shown at the iconic Bergdorf Goodman. I want to collaborate with fashion brands and beauty brands in both their ad campaigns and product branding. Increasing my exposure is another important goal for me. Oh and last, I want to see one of my paintings on the side of an NYC building! Big!

See more of Marianne’s work at:
IG: @maryamcam


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