A Psychedelic Self-Help Book: Artwork by Savannah Louise

Curated by Lilly Ball


Made from an old book, Wake is a stream of consciousness journal, exploring self-actualization, fragments of poetry, and childhood memories. Blending collage, hand lettering, and drawings of houses and talking hearts, the pages turn with the feel of a psychedelic self-help book.

I took this sketchbook everywhere. I would work on it at cafes, at bars, waiting in lines, or riding the train—writing down words from overheard conversations or remembered dreams. While making this book I was interested in themes of mysticism and enlightenment in other parts of the world versus the way western culture seeks happiness and salvation through linear thinking, hard work, and individual prosperity.

sketchbook 1

sketchbook 11sketchbook 15

sketchbook 18

sketchbook 7

sketchbook 5
“Wake,” (2014)
Reused book, acrylic paint, india ink, found material.
17.18 x 10.16 centimeters. Courtesy the artist.


Words by Savannah Louise

Savannah Louise is an artist and illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. She has held exhibitions at The Familia Skateshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota and The Spirit House Gallery in Saint, Minnesota. You can view Wake in it’s entirety and other works at www.savannah-louise.com. Follow her on Instagram at @SavannahLands.


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