Art by Pam Douglas: Life and The Elements


“The Life of Air” by painter Pam Douglas culminates her series of primal energies – “The Life of Water,” “The Life of Fire” and now Air – exhibited in solo shows over the past three years. Douglas says, “I am in awe of the energies that surround us and comprise our physical form.

Their beauty inspires me as a painter, not as literal objects but as experiences and metaphors. So the repeated title ‘The Life of…’ evolved from appreciating the life force in the elements, and is an attempt to suggest their vitality. “To me, these great energies are metaphors for the challenges within each of us, and our personal power to transcend.” The new works on silk experiment with transparencies where the motion of air flows through abstracted imagery. “I chose air to explore the subtle power within an invisible energy,” says Douglas. “I also wanted to evoke the transparencies of our time where so much of life is permeable and fleeting.” These ethereal landscapes and abstractions explore the ways experimental materials transform the painting experience in a meditation on the veil between seen and unseen. Pam Douglas’s artwork can be viewed in her upcoming show “The Life of Air” at TAG Gallery in Santa Monica from September 3-28, 2013. See more at:

“Blowin’ in the Wind”

“A Fragile Space”


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