Sunrise, Fishing in the Adirondacks: Poetry by Gregory E. Lucas


Swirling somber clouds
in the western sky gather
above impassable green foothills.
To the east, sedate
wisps of rose and gold
rise through sunbeams
spotlighting the fisherman
seated in a brown canoe
that glides on the shadowed
Adirondack lake. A flick of his wrist.
His line loops. Plop, his lure breaks
the stillness,
spreading rings of wavelets,
rocking white lily pads.
Strands of algae shimmer.
The stirred surface calms;
he settles, waits… waits. . .
A lone loon’s song
is all that’s heard while
shady depths quiver
and mirror the solitary man
adrift in the wilderness.
A tug on the line — another.
The man tenses. The rod’s tip bends.
The trout leaps: a sun-flecked arc
spinning through losses and memories,

Gregory E. Lucas writes fiction and poetry. His short stories have appeared in magazines such as Pif, The Horror Zine, Blueline, and Bewildering Stories. His poems have appeared in magazines such as The Ekphrastic Review, Ekphrasis, Peeking Cat, and Blue Unicorn.


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