Remember & Feel It: Poetry by John Valentine

“The Sweet Spot”


Remember how you used to catch

a fastball right in the sweet


spot. That pure, whip-crack sound

going home. Or maybe those


small birds swept in the eye of a

hurricane, riding sunshine and


stillness in the carnage. Right place,

right time. The absolute focal


point, like nirvana, a first kiss, even

that sudden right cross that


puts an end to the boxers’

discussion. Decisive, the


unexpected silence. And yours?

What will it finally be? Perhaps


an old friend in early spring as he

settles your ashes in azaleas


and phlox, the soft wind, the

sweet spot of the dead.

John lives in Savannah, GA, and has had poetry publications in The Sewanee Review, Southern Poetry Review, and The Midwest Quarterly, among others.


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