Confidence & Fragility in Womanhood: Two Poems by Sarah Lyn Rogers

“The Empress” and “Poem About My Uterus”


The Empress


she needs a man who knows his anima

who can say what he needs or nothing

who can bow to the beast in her,

mistress of blood, refuse, and rage


who sees her like the pomegranate

smooth, round, and rosy housing

many jagged facets, tumbling into

jewels in her belly as they scratch her


who knows this outer softness is hard-

won, the art of mothering without

feeling mothered, the art of holding

scars where no one can see them


except when she howls

and when she does he knows

not to balk or bark back


he knows what she said

of a dog’s enduring love

was not about the dog





Poem about My Uterus


when, three weeks married and soon to leave the country

for a year, I am asked by my mother when I plan

to have kids and my answer is not any time soon,

she says you can’t always control these things

and grins smug, my body, my will be damned


is the feeling in that moment and when I project

into a future of pregnancy: strangers touching

my belly, telling me what not to eat, discussing

my body with the authority of ownership

which is nothing new, the kind of control


I have been building walls against

with bits of gravel


how does one handle

being the bag


holding the prize

everyone wants?


I want to give birth in a cave

guarded by wolves




to be the wolves

Sarah Lyn Rogers is a Pushcart-nominated writer and the former Fiction Editor of The Rumpus. She is the author of Inevitable What (Sad Spell Press, 2016), a chapbook on magic and rituals. A collaborative poem she wrote with Isobel O’Hare appears in the Black Lawrence Press anthology They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Creative Writing (2018). For more of Sarah’s writing, and for tarot medicine poetry, visit


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