Secrets in Nature: Poetry by Alice Bliss

“Walking Through a Garden on a Sunny Day”


Walking Through a Garden on a Sunny Day


Stone bench by slow rill

adrift in sunlight, shadows

weaving limply through.

Thoughts of home, past and future,

and the promise of bamboo.


Bamboo bends softly

like the curve of an elbow,

gracefully resting.

Catch glimpses of your face be-

tween the click of closing sticks.


Radicalis palm,

you’ve weathered storm and sun —

surely what made you bitter.

Standing on a bridge

breathing deep and free, a turtle?


Always following the stream,

tiny squirrel scurries

tasting all the red berries;

dreams about last night

like leaves falling to the ground.


Where do spiders go

when their steely traps sway

empty in sunlight?

Twitching, crawling on dirt floors

up a naked, exposed limb.


Hushed conversations

falling like fresh snow on black

concrete. Broken words

reflecting off still water

and the cold smell of winter.

Alice Morandy is a young 21-year-old coed trying to become an adult while also remaining a child. She is about to graduate from UCLA with an English and History degree, full of hope and anxiety for the future.


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