Lust & Barnyards: Poetry by Darren Demaree





We wanted the animals

in the barnyard

to be more important

than their product

so we made them metaphors

for our love

& when we were forced

to kill them for their product,

their inelegant flesh

we needed to find new meat

to roll around on the tongues

of our time together.

Emily knew the starting sound

was something from the back

of our throats. That was

as far as she got

& even though the actual sound

never passed her lips,

she was a darling for trying

to lift us out of the dust.

Darren’s poems have appeared, or are scheduled to appear in numerous magazines/journals, including the South Dakota Review, Meridian, New Letters, Diagram, and the Colorado Review. 

He is the author of five poetry collections, most recently “The Nineteen Steps Between Us” (2016, After the Pause). He is the Managing Editor of the Best of the Net Anthology. 

Darren is currently living and writing in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and children. 


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