Coffee, Nostalgia & Lovers: Two Poems by Laura Rogalsky





Grey snow makes me want to become my own lover


While I stir tiny routines and rituals into my coffee

Tiny lessons

Each petal fall


I wait for it to meet me


In a voice as pointed

As a needle on a record player


Good Morning


I’m not letting loose the empty skulls

Of small talk anymore


I don’t need answers

On why this world takes gold and beats it into leaves






the windows do not open

so this must not be my house


I made coffee for myself this morning

it was just the way you liked it


you’re not here to roll your eyes


I fucked a stranger last night

I knew must look just like his father


it didn’t turn me on

it didn’t turn me off

why did we go to Indiana that summer


was it for the apples


you said the way I moved ahead of you

made it seem like I must have been

in love with someone else


if I had leaned into my beauty

stopped complaining

you would’ve stayed

or I would’ve been the one who chose to leave

or turned into an owl

             you’ll go crazy talking like that

well     if you’re so with it     tell me a story

tell me about the time you used laundry soap

to wash the blood stains from underwear

into drain falls

tell me that even if

we had gone to Miami


or anywhere but Indiana

I’d still be here


touching this mirror

telling myself

                               she has it all


Laura Rogalsky lives and teaches music in Chicago. She is a participant in Ashbery’s Home School and the Tin House Writer’s Workshop. Her work is featured in Hooligan Magazine and Entropy.


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  1. April 2, 2018 @ 3:39 pm Laura Rogalsky | Inside the Kettle

    […] Laura Rogalsky is a writer in Chicago who doesn’t want to move to New York. When she is not reading or writing she is working as a social worker or trying to seem more chill than she is. Her work has been featured in FORTH, Deluge, Hooligan Magazine, and Entropy. She is a former participant in the Home School and Tin House Writer’s workshops. Here is just one place where you can read her poetry online. […]

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