Look to the sky: Poetry by Frank Possemato

“Enuma Elish”



to the sky

the enormous sadness

that connects every star

and keeps



touches even

the luckiest life


Turn onto your cooler arm

there of course

wandering surrounded by the world for the first time

with everyone who made you invisibly near

and it all makes intuitive, heartbeat sense

somewhere ahead of summer, of sleep, of exile

nearly real enough to scratch,

but why were we made to dream of heaven,

and wake up thirsty?


Carry the questions we were born with

over to a hilltop

a lamb lulling half asleep

trace the seem along its breathing belly

perfect except for nothing

cut it open and the holiness code spills out

every word of it

Born in Boston, Frank Possemato teaches English in the Los Angeles community colleges. Frank’s writing has appeared in a variety of publications including 3AM, Underground Voices, and in Akashic’s “Mondays Are Murder” noir series.


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