Crushed by the Undertow: Poetry by Grace Hansen

“If Love Is a Sea”


If love is a sea

Then we’re oceans apart.

If love is a sea

Then the depths of my heart


Are so filled with the pressure

Of love that I can’t even swim.

If love is a sea, I’m a message

Floating in a bottle of gin.


If love is a sea

Then the salt on your lips

And the sand on your skin

Sting as we kiss.


If love is a sea

You’re taking every breath of air

Straight from my lungs,

And you’re drowning me.


And if love is a sea

Then why am I crushed by the undertow?

Which way are the waves pushing me?

Tell me how far will these currents go.


The sea is a dangerous

Hazardous place full of storms

So if love is a sea

Then you and I can mourn


The loss of the thought

That this would be smooth

Sailing and calm waters

And that we would be safe.


If love is a sea

Then I’m tangled

In the shallow



If love is a sea

Then you’ve

Shipwrecked me.

And I’m stranded


Trying to float

And there you are

Harsh and so quick to gloat.

If love is a sea


Then you are the moon

And I am the tide

Trapped in your lagoon

Full of hidden lies.


Being thrown against the rocks

I am at your mercy

I am thrashed by your waves

If love is a sea.


If love is a sea

I’d rather be

On an island

Where you can’t hurt me.

Grace is a college student attending Biola University. Studying English with a concentration in Literature and a minor in Business administration, she loves going on adventures, whether they are literary or real life.


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