Breaking the Invisible: Poetry by Nick Rester-Zodrow

“The last time we met”


I remember her standing bottomless in the doorway

Her parents were home

Just downstairs

She stood, balancing on one toe to check the hallway

That little pooch peaking from beneath a powder blue blouse

I wanted to reach out and touch her belly

She was soft

Not a shred of definition

Soft like some pale, stretching Degas

Made for sex, not activity

Skilled in the art of makeup

Profoundly good at shopping

Women are soft, she told me

Men are hard

And that scared her

She worried that I would break her

I didn’t get it

She’d had many boyfriends

If they hadn’t broken her, how could I

Seeing the hallway was clear

She returned to bed

Beneath that heavy comforter

I went to kiss her but she stopped me with one thin finger

Don’t break me, she said

How could I?

You could, you will

I won’t, I promised

So she trusted me and let me in

And I broke all of the parts I could not see

Nick Rester-Zodrow is a 27-year-old author living in Los Angeles, represented by Curtis Brown Literary Agency. 


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