A New End, A New Beginning: Poetry by Amy Lynne Holt

“C.R. Holt Died in March of 1982 in Brownfield, Texas”


Smoking a cigar in his ’66 Chevy,

stubborn as a Bible. At eighty-five years

tried to throw what remained of that cigar out

the window without ever rolling it down.

The fire his act ignited found its way

to the back of his head and demanded to be withstood

for minutes before he opened the car door  

and like a zombie got out and stumbled to some forward

space split through distance across its silver years.

I’d like to think he found the River Styx

and, preacherless, baptized himself

to quench the hell that crowned him.

Amy Lynne Holt received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from the University of California in Riverside. She is currently finishing a chapbook about the landscape and culture of West Texas where her family is from.


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