Let Me In: Poetry by Devan Burton



Weren’t we lovers once?

The couple who laughed at tired jokes.

Braved the ice-glazed roads for refried beans.

And sat in an empty campus parking lot waiting

for answers.

I never judged your idiosyncratic breath

asked you to wash the dishes

or sit through my revisions.

You wanted to heal the heart

one hypothesis at a time

and lifted mine away to your lab.

Nicking DNA pulled

you away and I was discarded

along with your off-yellow dress,

dorm room fridge and the maple coffee table

that I carried for you.

The one that bruised my left knee.

No reminder for you that I had been there.

No reminder that you let me in.

Devan Burton is a writer and a teacher based in Knoxville,Tennessee. He is currently working on a book of poetry, In Quiet Hours, which will be published and available on Amazon in December 2016.


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