Objects In Love: Poetry By James Gilmore



An old kettle

bought from a store

for an hour’s wage

titters from

a glowing coil

by the fridge.


watery passion

ferments within

its voluptuous metal curves.

The frothing nozzle

exhales small clouds

as pressure builds within.

An eager cup watches

waits to be filled

with hot juice

ejaculated by

its lover.

A silvery orgasm

rises amidst the pain

of building pressure.

A short whistle then

it erupts



And both cup and kettle

are satisfied.

James Gilmore is a copywriter by day and a poet and screenwriter by night. He holds an MFA in Screenwriting from Boston University and currently resides in Pasadena, CA with his wonderful wife, two cats and three feisty rats. 


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