This Love Poem Is All You Need to Read Today: Poetry By Jai Rho

“Tennessee Waltz”


She had moonpie eyes

and a wildcat smile,

draped by slow

smooth sip of bourbon

hair, the color of corn

in the wispy July air

And she wore purple

and white Irises speckled

with yellow as her dress,

flowing in the tall grass

beneath a willow sky

Her feet embraced

the earth between her toes,

as she twirled a whirl

of moonlight, shadowing

the daytime’s blazing sun

And like a cradle rocking,

held me

like I was newborn

 Jai Rho was in the creative writing program at Harvard many years ago, and currently resides in Pasadena. This is Rho’s first published poem.


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  1. February 15, 2016 @ 3:44 pm Elliot

    Jai’s poem waltzes!

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