Prepare to Feel a Little Bit Uncomfortable: Poetry By J H Martin



‘Slim Hot1

Loves to talk dirty



A real young beauty

Always willing to please’



5 star reviews –

Free 5 minute preview

From a small room

In the Philippines



Working to pay back

Her parents debt

To stop him

From taking it out

On her soft golden skin –



Shaved and stripped bare

For your private eyes now



Yes, daddy

What’s your name?

Where are you from?



Yes, I have got toys

I’m 18, and you?



Are you going

To think about that

When you cum and click away?



Are you going to feel guilty

About your link in this chain?




Thanks daddy





I’ll be around

Whenever you are




Bye daddy




Love you

Love you


Club Zero


J H Martin is from London, England but has no fixed abode. His prose and poetry have appeared in a number of places in Asia, Europe and the USA. For more information, please visit: A Coat for a Monkey.


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