Finding Identity in T-Shirts and Blimps: Poetry by Laura Buccieri

“In Drag” & “Operating a Blimp”



In Drag


I spread open the two halves
of the red roller suitcase
on my bed 

i lay five white hanes t shirts
in the suitcase
two pairs of black 510 levi’s
one red flannel
one pair of off white converse
a leather jacket
and five boxer briefs
then comes hair gel
a toothbrush
and degree mens deodorant 

I zipped the suitcase shut
and sat next to it on my bed 

The next day
I put it through the X-ray
and wondered 

if boys clothes
looked different
when belonging to a girl  


Operating a blimp


as a kid


i used to look up
at the Met Life blimp
that flew over the city
my mom told me
it was a giant plastic bag
that caught the wind
at the right time




i see a blimp floating over the East River
and I think about the person sitting inside
operating the overlooked vessel
i wonder what kind of person wants to learn a dying art
what kind of person wants to be outshone


i guess a person who believes in the beauty of the life
right before the death


i’d be scared
to be flying that high
for that long
and have no one watching me

Laura Buccieri was born and raised in San Francisco. She is a regular poetry contributor to FORTH.


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