Top 5 Rebels: April 2015 Poetry Contest Winners

Scarlett Grace McCarthy, Caroline Hayes, Daniel Nguyen, Laura Buccieri, Carlos Martinez


That wraps up an exhilaration Poetry Contest. We want to thank all of the many gifted writers who poured in their rebellious poetry from all over the U.S. We’re honored to have had the opportunity to showcase them here at FORTH Magazine and hope to see you all next year. Keep writing and submit, submit, submit! And now, (drum roll please) the Top 5 Rebels of our April 2015 Poetry Contest:


Manual  by Scarlett Grace McCarthy
First Place, Awarded $150


Mulholland  by Caroline Hayes
Second Place, Awarded $75


Adrienne  by Daniel Nguyen
Third Place, Awarded $25 + Autographed copy of Francisco Goldman’s novel “Say Her Name”


You Are A Rebel  by Laura Buccieri
Fourth Place, Awarded $20 gift card to local coffeehouse


Gasping for Air  by Carlos Martinez
Fifth Place, Awarded Honorable Mention


Image © Kris Kirk


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