Making Weird Art and Buying Cheap Beers: Poetry by Laura Buccieri

“Hanging in Your Living Room”


Nicolas Sisto

i want to make something
like paper mache bats
and have that be my thing
i would open up a store
and people would buy
these bats that i make fresh
each day
i’d take pride in crafting
the wings
making them just short of being able to
because no one would buy a bat
if it were too life-like
if my bats could fly
my customers
would keep them in a cage
and only put them out for cocktail parties
i want to make fake bats
and sell them for $20
and buy four
five dollar beers
every night at my
neighborhood bar


Nicolas SistoImage © Nicolas Sisto

Laura Buccieri was born and raised in San Francisco. She moved to New York City for college and after graduation moved back to San Francisco, where she currently lives. Some of her favorite writers are Ariana Reines and Richard Siken.


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  1. March 10, 2015 @ 12:16 am Daphne

    this is beautiful

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