The Nexus of Phantoms by Will Alexander


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In a lorikeet cave
motions exist of disintegrated swans
in a translocated lake
brimming with harvested poisons
sealed by corruptive post-mortems


such swans
staggered by microbial reasoning
their aggressive nests
anatomical with anomaly
with drifts of strenuous incarnadine leanings
with a thirst which hurtles conspiratorial invasives
with coronal oceanics
like a clouded trail of rendings

with the “Auks” the pelicans the mergansers
with “the petrols & the gannets”
under the power of darted mocking orations

the swans
looking back on solemn blood perusal
like a form of death breaking roses on a shore

it is the example of phonograms
of lost & compacted lenses
within a charismatic “Fall Line”
or an “isoneph”
or what an avian would announce in Greenland
as a “Katabatic Wind”*

the swans
like a haze of magnetism
or implied gondola locations
where the scent of each lorikeet is consumed
& brought to dazzling eclipse refulgence

in another foci
in another depth
their form self-challenged
in a cloak of suns
their power de-revealed
with 7 moons burning
reduced to 2 intense incendiary magnets

& these incendiary magnets
like a nexus of phantoms
scattered across a geometric optometry


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