I was born
to live a single day
lived it as long as I could
My childhood was my first hour
and I cried it into a second
hour when I wrecked all that I touched
In the third hour

I loved a dozen times
and broke the beds I slept in
In the fourth hour I made a mil
The fifth I spent it, drank it all away
and by the sixth I had split and reunited
atoms and molecules
conquered cities and read a few good books
But after that I was arrested
tried convicted jailed
and strung up for the rest
of my brief existence
The last hours
were a tedious and dreary old age
until the last half hour
and then
I got dressed up and went out to dance
Born to live a second youth
in 30 minutes
I turned to gold
and spun myself around a nightclub floor
Screaming laughing drenched in wine
my arms flung out my legs sprawled out
I kissed everyone in my last minute and
died with a smile.


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