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Forth Issue #7


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Editor’s Note:

One year in publication… Unbelievable! I’m continually amazed how life progresses, how time seems to “fly,” how people and ideas converge, develop, and flourish together into collective lives of their own. This being the anniversary edition of FORTH—still the only publication in Los Angeles to unite art, literature, and journalism—we thought it appropriate to present the edition as our official “State of the Union” address—an exploration of converging art forms, industries, and of course people.

And who better to help bring this theme to life than one of our city’s former political leaders turned celebrated photographer: Gil Garcetti. I was thrilled to have the privilege of meeting and interviewing Gil about the union of his two seemingly distinct passions—law and photography. As our former D.A., Gil knows what it’s like to live in the public eye, practicing a passion that affected the lives of many. Interestingly, his current work as a photographer tends to give voices to those who otherwise would not be heard; his lens often serves to in fact be the public eye. In discussing the two outlets, one finds that Gil is ultimately passionate about serving his community; and with photography, his has become a global community. Once a quiet artist, now an international artisan, Gil continues to live a life of truth, service, and creativity—an exemplary world citizen of creative unification.

We’ve also had the immense pleasure in bringing together some award-winning—albeit very diverse—writers and artists in this issue. Internationally published poet Will Alexander and nationally recognized spoken word champion Boris “Bluz” Rogers might never be found on the same stage together, but their words shine forth here in these pages, both as reflections of a changing world. Cutting edge artists like Suzanne Erickson and graphic novelist Jimenez Lai exhibit here adjacent to investigative journalism by Matt Schrader, congregating art and politics. We’ve also begun to exhibit San Francisco-based art and poetry, merging the often vast creative border between Northern and Southern California. And an article on artist and organizer Alexey Steele reveals the genius of a man who has brought renowned classical musicians together with artists in a spectacular ongoing series called Classical Underground.

Additionally, our fantastic Collective of FORTH writers have taken on the theme of union to its brilliant extent. Julia Ingalls and Sofiya Goldshteyn address the states of the publishing and art industries respectively, while Marco Mannone and Sophie Kipner similarly write their A/B subjective accounts of the same hilarious and insightful experience—the search for union, as it were, in the bigger, better, faster human-connecting world of speed-dating. But this magazine is not just a production of talented artists and writers; rather, it is a hybrid conception of many superbly gifted individuals, like our Creative Directors Sally Foster and Jessi Chow, and Managing Editor Jason Hall, along with our great events and marketing teams, all of whom I’d like to personally recognize on the anniversary of our publication.

FORTH, like all things born of a collective mind, has indeed become an entity of its own. After one year in print, the young brand is growing, and our vision includes something altogether more than simply words and pictures on paper. We see this as a merging not only of creative people and industries, but a movement of sorts in the direction of collective consciousness, spanning geography, technology, and generation. FORTH is to be a word or symbol synonymous with art, literature, journalism, and truth for the young and old alike, for hard-copy readers and digital viewers, for Angelinos and all other cities wherein brilliant and inspired people converge to create an artistic melting pot and want only to live lives in which they remain true to themselves and sincerely engaged in the pursuit of passion.

We trust once again that you’ll press on with us, through another strange and compelling year, as we aspire to our mission: To bring together community through art, literature, and truth. And we hope to remind you that a life of passion is truly possible after all. Thank you as always for reading. Press on. Go Forth. And Enjoy!

Jeremy Shawn Pollack
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

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Table of Contents



Featured Artist

Interview with Gil Garcetti by Jeremy Pollack

Gallery of Photography by Gil Garcetti





“American Pie” by Bluz

The Nexus of Phantoms by Will Alexander

Transition Period by Keely Hyslop


The Dirt on L.A.’s Parking Ticket Moneymaker by Matt Schrader

Alexey Steele’s Classical Underground: A Giant Experienceby Sofiya Goldshteyn

Will Alexander on “A Nexus of Phantoms” by Sophie Kipner

Suzanne Erickson: “F$#% the Flock” by Sofiya Goldshteyn

State of the Union – A Closer Look at Two Creative Industries (Part One) by Julia Ingalls

State of the Union – A Closer Look at Two Creative Industries (Part Two) by Sofiya Goldshteyn

Strangers in the Night: Speed-Dating in L.A. (Part One) by Sophie Kipner

Strangers in the Night: Speed-Dating in L.A. (Part Two) by Marco Mannone



Mixed Media

s1Mixed Media and Paint by Suzanne Erickson


LorikeetColored Pencil by Will Alexander

Bureau Spec page 1Excerpts from Bureau Spectacular, a graphic novel by Jimenez Lai


Frosty GaiaArt by Liz Maher


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