Forth Magazine Issue #6


Forth Issue #6


Editor’s Note:

Solid foundation, sound structure, and vision—key components of any worthy story, of any significant work of art, perhaps of all righteous creation.

The importance of structure and foundation is certainly a prominent theme in this issue of FORTH. We’ve been fortunate to feature best-selling author T.C. Boyle, whose dynamic construction of story and character is masterfully evident in his fiction. In this issue, we’ve published an excerpt from Boyle’s novel The Women, which happens to center on renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright and the building and breakdown of Wright’s intimate relations. Forth editor Julia Ingalls also interviewed innovative architect Eric Owen Moss, whose prolific art and philosophy inspires a bold and beautiful message about the magnitude of structural composition.

We’ve also displayed absolutely fantastic experiental art by television star Leigh J. McCloskey, who has literally spent years illustrating the story of time and spiritual evolution throughout the surfaces of an entire room in his home—what FORTH Editor Jason Hall deems the last of the cave paintings: an important work of art on the walls of an abode, positioned for future generations to appreciate and perhaps study.

Further structural art comes from “The Cautionary Tales – Feral Structures,” where Editor Sofiya Goldshteyn explores the communion of aestheticism and utilitarianism. And FORTH science-fiction writer Charlie Thomas once again navigates the very building blocks of our society, on both human and spiritual levels. Our infamous editor Marco Mannone aimed to cover one of Los Angeles’ landmark structures in this issue, though without much luck, as we see in his darkly hilarious—albeit stern—editorial written to yours truly. We’ve also been privileged with the vivid and striking works of Daniel Elson and Robert Brander, as well as the uniquely constructed poetry of John Tottenham, built of Nine Variations.

These writers and artists have all developed robust foundations in each of their crafts, allowing them the freedom to build upon solid ground and then move away from the traditional, ultimately bringing their inventive visions to life in the real world—true architects of the mind. And we at FORTH feel their influence.

There have certainly been structural growth and change throughout the pages and behind the scenes of this magazine. During our first full year in publication, we’ve watched inspired folks come and go, we’ve seen extension in territory, changes in strategy and organization, and pure expansion in every direction, on every level. But through it all, we’ve stayed focused on our foundation, true to our purpose and vision—to be the voice of important writers and artists, and to bring together community through literature and creation. This solid internal architecture has given us the tools to build in the face of the unknowns, to create without certainty of the outcome, to press on and stay grounded in the exciting and frightening maelstrom of change. Indeed to go Forth.

Hopefully, you too are feeling the emergent wave of creation in this city and are thus inspired to live your vision and build boldly upon your foundations, no matter what changes occur, no matter what fears arise, no matter who tells you cannot do it! You can. And will. As we do, together. Press on. Go Forth. And Enjoy!

Jeremy Shawn Pollack
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

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Table of Contents



Featured Writer

Interview with T.C. Boyle: On Process, Fire, and Going It Aloneby Julia Ingalls




Excerpt from “The Women” by T.C. Boyle
Memo from the Desk of Marco Mannone to the Desk of Jeremy Pollack by Marco Mannone


Nine Inertia Variations by John Tottenham

Science Fiction

Daniel Rogers Part 2 by Charlie Thomas


A Spotlight on the Cautionary – Feral Structures Exhibit by Sofiya Goldshteyn

Leigh J. McCloskey, Last of the Cave Painters by Jason Hall

The Uneasy Now: A Conversation with Architect Eric Owen Moss by Julia Ingalls



Paintings by Daniel Eason

Mixed Media

Silkscreen by Robert Brander

LAX Art Part 1 by Mara Lonner and Kim Schoenstadt

LAX Art Part 2 by John Outterbridge and Jane Castillo


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