Forth Magazine Issue #1


Forth Magazine is a free magazine, distributed to and with content created by artists and writers local to the Los Angeles area known as the “Westside.” There is an immense talent pool in Los Angeles, perhaps the largest in the world, and most especially along the western region of this fantastic city. Often, too many talented artists go unnoticed. This is why Forth exists: To create a forum for the unseen, a venue for the community’s artists. We’ll do our best to display the most interesting, merit worthy artists and writers from our area.

FORTH is Mostly Edgy, Mostly Raw, and Always True… Create, Today!

Jeremy Shawn Pollack
Publisher & Editor of FORTH

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Table of Contents





Cassandra of Dyslexia by Jason Hall
How You Persist by Sinta Jimenez
There Are No Names… by Tracy “Ty” Brenneman


The Valley by James K. Redding
Don’t Play With Matches by Michael Allen
A Saturday Mourning by Rayni Joan

Science Fiction

The Far Touch by Charlie Thomas

SubjExive Journalism

Robots & Painkillers: Dark Hours for McCain… by W.C. Jennings




lifeguard-angel Mixed Photography by Frank Rozasy
this-is-venice This is Venice… by Darren Schwartz
jesus-on-the-mountain Digital Photography by Phoebe Joy Chaus0n


evil-jen Evil Jen by Joshua Evangelista
nighttime Ink on Paperby Dianne Crame


intimate-pipes Intimate Pipes (sculpture) by Billy Pacak


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