Lost and Found: Poetry by Miguel Aldaco

“Pinochet Gets All the Girls”


Monsanto sounds like

that South American city—


and in duffels tumble torsos—

spelled out in drain pipes, sieve up

the sewer system. Out with the bath water

go the archipelagos and

a lot more you care

not to know.


You imagine it’s a place

where you speak in helium

to the dictator, while he’s stymied by

what computers do

over brunch.


You tell him

something general

something electric,

and a whole molecule

of things lost and found.


He argues

on the strength of what things

sound like—how his best years were spent

inventing the electric bunk bed,

even flipped a switch

at the city’s first



* The “discotheque” was the nickname given to a detention center notorious for playing loud music to drown out the screams of its inmates.

Miguel is the oldest English undergrad on the UPenn campus, and like Rodney Dangerfield in the film Back to School, he gets no respect. That’s okay, his years of hard living have helped him perfect the triple lindy, so really, what more does he need?


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