Event: Oneira: I Dream the Self / 2nd Annual All Women Artists Group Exhibition


“Come from heaven, wrapped in a purple cloak… Of all the stars, the loveliest.. I spoke to you, Aphrodite, in a dream.”

Dreaming has had a profound influence on my creative life. I can remember dreams as far back as the age of 3. Some of the dreams were euphoric and some were incredibly terrifying. Some were recurring and one, in particular, I had to will out of existence. Yet, I have always been fascinated by dreams. I have recorded them for many years, in journals, sketchbooks, drawings and paintings. This work has been personal and rarely shown.

As I have matured, I have become interested in bringing these works to light.

It occurred to me that when I speak of my dreams, it is most often with women. As such, I thought it would be interesting to find other women artists that have a similar inclination to draw inspiration from their dreams. To my delight, I have found an incredible group of female artists, whose work embodies, beautifully, the mystifying realm of dreaming.


Oneira: I Dream the Self is a group exhibition, featuring personal interpretation of Dreaming, from a female perspective. The creation from these influences could be by a particular vivid or recurring dream. It could also be a conscious dream, as in something imagined. The dream world of the unconscious mind is the most mysterious, fascinating part of our lives. One third of our lives is spent sleeping. Nightly we dream, whether we are aware of it or not.

Women have a particular connection to the dream landscape in that women possess a natural facility for clairvoyance, awareness, healing and intuition.

Artists have been the purveyor of dreams throughout time. It is the intent of the Oneira exhibition to explore the realm of dream, imagination and thought, through the unique vision of women artists.

Oneira: I Dream the Self / 2nd Annual All Women Group Exhibition ran through May 17th thru June 14th.



Studio C Gallery / Santa Fe Art Colony
2349 S. Santa Fe Ave. Studio C
Los Angeles, CA 90058
323 363-2188

UPDATE: While this event has already passed, Studio C is now introducing a multi session/ long pose figure painting/drawing workshop!

Four weekends: Sat. & Sun. June 21st & 22nd, June 28th & 29th, July 11th & 12th, July 19th & 20th

5 hour long pose – same pose throughout 4 weekend sessions.

Saturday- nude / Sunday- clothed

For more information on this and two other workshops they’re offering, email Peggy Nicols at Studiocla148@gmail.com

Photos by Abby Sin


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