Are these guys Serious? A Look into Modern Man


by Carolyn Blais

Men suck. Well, not all men, but too many. All it takes is one look on the television or one listen to the radio to realize the accuracy of this statement. I’m not sure when exactly in the history of civilization men decided to become complete d-bags, or if they perhaps just “evolved” that way. All I know is, male behavior toward women has progressively become more and more derogatory. Long gone are the days of Ricky loving Lucy or The Beach Boys serenading sweethearts across America. No Ma’am, what we have on our hands now is one giant Petri dish brimming with bigoted, arrogant, chauvinistic specimens.

Recently, I worked for some time at a company that allowed employees to listen to the radio for eight hours a day. Needless to say, I too often got an earful of lyrics I really didn’t care to have. Sure, there was a time when I’d bop along to the beats and do the subtle-sit-down-dance in my swivel office chair, but that all came to an abrupt halt the day I realized what was actually being sung in these catchy songs that seemed so upbeat and positive. My first realization came with the ever so popular ballad “Toot it and Boot it.” For the longest time I thought the words in the title and chorus were complementing someone who had a cute booty. What I found out is that the singer, known as YG (Young Gangsta), is actually talking about a one night stand with a woman he met at “the club.” The singer seems to take great joy in calling his prey a “slut” and “stupid.” He refers to himself as a “pimp” and asks “who next?” His tone is pompous—he can’t believe the girl doesn’t know who he is, and when she thinks he’s cute, he plays hard to get, saying “knock it off you know you can’t have this.” The girl never says she wants to go home with him, but YG cockily believes that she does. When “she falls in love” YG laughs, kicks her out the door, and “makes her feel stupid.” Towards the end of the song we learn the singer may actually be married. Is NOTHING sacred now?

Unfortunately, the world of television has also sunk so low as to endorse “men” (if I dare even call them that), who think it’s okay to use women as objects. I fear we are all most likely familiar with the MTV show called “Jersey Shore.” I always knew NJ was nicknamed “The Armpit of America” for a reason. But for those of you living under a rock, here’s a brief synopsis of the show: Eight, twenty-something, Italian-Americans live in a house on the Jersey shore, party like it’s 1999 every night/morning, hook up with each other, as well as every other Guido within a five mile radius, then decide that they actually hate each other. Oh yeah, and how could I forget, the holy trinity of gym, tanning and laundry (GTL for short)? Pauly D. and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino are two guys on the show who, besides GTL, spend the rest of their time attempting to get sex from any girl half way decent looking, i.e., someone who is not a “grenade.” So far, their endeavors don’t always seem to go according to plan, probably because girls are not idiots and can sense these guys are interested in one thing only. Plus, the fake bake tans, blow out haircuts, and steroid induced muscles are not every lady’s cup of tea. Honestly, I wonder if these guys plan on settling down one day and finding a girl they may actually want to marry rather than just “toot and boot.” If they can clean up their act, find someone who will marry them, and have kids with them, will they show episodes of “Jersey Shore” to their sons, or to their daughters??

Believe me, I realize it takes two to tango and that in some instances girls can be just as horrific as boys. But I wonder, do the boys initiate this kind of behavior? Have girls been so conditioned by the morons in their life that they have succumbed to this kind of degradation? Take, for example, “The Situation.” Although he has no class, no respect for his roommates, and seems dumber than a box of rocks, he is the leader of the “Jersey Shore” house, and what he says goes. And yet here he is making appearances all over the place and landing a spot on Dancing with the Stars, and The Tonight Show, sitting next to REAL stars like Jamie Lee Curtis. Why, America, is this meathead being rewarded for his behavior? I’d honestly love to know. I am appalled that he claims to be a descendant from the same country that my grandfather was born and grew up in. As far as I know, since my grandfather passed away, there hasn’t been a kinder, gentler soul to grace this planet, and he was the complete OPPOSITE of the parasitic males that slither and slide their greasy little selves through the television screen, infecting millions of homes across America. And there’s the really sad part of this kind of culture—it’s communicable. That is, not only are these guys at risk of contracting and/or spreading STD’s, they are also transmitting their behaviors to any young, impressionable males who might learn to treat girls as sex objects, and to any young girls who might think this is acceptable.

Growing up, I was always the kid whose parents listened to oldies and watched Nick @ Nite. I was raised on the classics (according to mom and dad, that is), from James Taylor, Johnny Mathis, and John Denver, to Get Smart, The Brady Bunch, and Bewitched. These artists and actors kept it clean and respectful, and were still entertaining, imagine that! I’m not sure why, now, in 2010, being mainstream and “cool” means degrading women. I think the only solution is to take an active stand and be that voice that says, hey, this isn’t cool. In doing so, we leave the despicable creatures that plague TV and radio to binary fision—the asexual reproduction of low life forms.


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