"45" Graphic Novel Excerpt


JS: Just a private joke I have with my editor. There is a reason why it’s called “45” but to explain now would be unfair. You need to read the interviews yourself to work it out.

AD: You’re approaching the way you document your interviews in transcript form, right?

JS: I wanted to approach the project from a unique angle; the people I’m talking to need to be heard. I wanted to give them the appropriate conduit; I think the readers will appreciate that. By leaving the interviews in transcript form, there’s nowhere for the truth to hide. There’s something you may not be aware of; I’m aiming to pair each interview with an illustration, drawn by one of the many talented comic book artists from around the globe. I think it’ll be a memorable way of capturing the moment.

AD: It sounds very ambitious. What does your wife make of the project? Wouldn’t your time be better spent preparing for the birth of your baby and supporting her through the various stages of her pregnancy?

JS: She’s being very supportive. She agrees that this is something that shouldn’t be ignored. The timing was never going to be great but it is both critical and relevant to the book. When I’m out of the country, we
communicate daily. If there were any cause for concern, I’d be on the first flight or train back to be with her.

AD: How many interviews do you have left?

JS: I have a trip to New Zealand and Japan scheduled, then it’s back to the States. I didn’t realize there would be so much travelling involved. Oh, to be able to fly!

AD: Who is publishing the book? Have you approached one of the nationals?

JS: I doubt a national would be able to publish the amount I have to tell in one go. I have a publishing deal with an independent company called Com.x. They understand what I’m trying to achieve with “45” and are very excited by it.

AD: When is it scheduled for release and where will people be able to buy it?

JS: Pending delivery of the final few pages of art, we are scheduled for a December 2009 release. It will be available anywhere comic books are sold; comic stores, online stores, bookstores, etc.

The alarm on my phone rings.

JS: Sorry, you’ll have to excuse me, I have another interview with a Super-S scheduled here in London which I have to attend.

AD: Well, James, thank you so much for your time. I hope our readers will be intrigued to see the finished book.

AD: One more final question before you go. Are you hoping for a Super-S or a normal baby?

JS: Right now, we’d just be happy with healthy… anything else we’ll leave to fate.

As I stand to leave, I glance at her interview notes. She hasn’t written anything beyond my name and the title “45” at the top of the page. She catches me staring.

AD: Don’t worry, I have an exceptional ability for recalling these things…

She flashes a knowing grin.


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