"45" Graphic Novel Excerpt


AD: The Hale-Criterion, you mean?

JS: Yes. The test designed to determine whether an unborn baby possesses the Super-S gene that activates at birth, enabling the child to evolve physically and/or mentally far beyond the range of a normal human’s
abilities. It’s extremely rare, of course, but it had me wondering – what if my child was born with such faculties?

AD: What are you hoping the reader to garner from these interviews?

JS: I’m trying to interview Super-S from all walks of life and age-groups. I’m hoping my book affords the reader an insight into what it’s like to not only live life as a Super-S, but also what it’s like to live WITH one.
Before I conducted any interviews I’d have said a Super-S should aspire to be a legend in their own lifetime, adored and revered, successful and famous, feared by the wicked, loved by the good. I’ve discovered over the last few months that it’s not as simple as that. My interviews are not just with those with the Super-S gene that have ‘made it’, but they’re also with those who haven’t. So it’s not really a series of interviews with
“Superheroes”, per se. They’re not necessarily all heroes – that’s for the reader to decide.
AD: I see. So what sort of people have you met?

JS: Everyone, from proud parents at the birth of their newborn baby, through to teenagers with super-abilities struggling to define their own identities. I’m hoping to encompass the entire spectrum of age-groups, to truly understand the life-cycle of an individual with extraordinary powers. This isn’t as straightforward as you may think.

AD: What do you mean?

JS: Well, for starters, say you’ve decided to become a Superhero – what’s your Superhero name going to be?

AD: SuperGirl?

JS: Not possible! Taken already. Now, try thinking of one that isn’t already taken by a comic publisher; one that a true Superhero can own without infringing copyright.

Angela is stumped.

JS: Not easy, is it? Now throw in puberty, pushy parents, family breakdown or, for example, dating – how do you explain your double-life or ability? What about Superheroes that want children of their own? How do they cope? It’s not just about wearing a cape or mask and adopting a persona; it’s about what’s under the costume that’s just as important.

AD: So why “45”? What’s the significance with the number?

I can’t resist a wry grin.

AD: Did I say something funny?

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