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Joanna Keler flickr

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a man tremble with fear, you need look no further than the mysterious realm of horror movies. By now, you should know the horror of certain images lives simply in your mind. Fear of the unknown, the undead, the unassuming. As most horror movies are directed by men, it’s no wonder women and children are usually cast as culprits behind these very absences—sheer reminders of their eventual mortality. For where there is life, there is death. And men, if you are having trouble understanding what moves a woman to tremble, here is a list of horror movies directed by women: Trouble Everyday, American Psycho, AmerThe Hitch-Hiker, Boxing Helena, Ravenous, In My Skin. Have a wonderful weekend and remember the only thing to fear is yourself.


Joanna Keler flickrImage © Joanna Keler

Tai Tzu-Yang flickrImage © Tai Tzu-Yang

jonas hafner flickrImage © Jonas Hafner

Yung Cheng Lin flickrImage © Yung Cheng Lin

Gundula Blumi flickrImage © Gundula Blumi

Sophia Burke FlickrImage © Sophia Burke

Emma Karlsmark Elfstrand flickrImage © Emma Karlsmark Elfstrand


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