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Kate alexand flickr

The Mayfly has a lifespan of 24 hours, just enough time to reproduce and dance together in small groups.  In this week’s Foto Friday, we examine how a woman navigates through a world created in mans image. If the tall tale is true, if we sprang from the rib of a man named Adam, from the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, a woman’s place is not much different from a housefly; ticking a few days longer within a household than in the wild. How tiresome it must be to maintain the elusiveness of a creature and the form and mind of the Goddess Athena. Perhaps women weren’t meant to live past their prime. How does it feel to simply be?


Alberto Polo Iañez flickrImage © Alberto Polo Iañez

Kate alexand flickrImage © Kate Alexand


Teresa QueirósImage © Teresa Queirós

nina ahn flickImage © Nina Ahn

Sasha Favorov flickrImage © Sasha Favorov

ren hang flickrImage © Ren Hang


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