Foto Friday

Curated by Lilly Ball


Yaroslav Levdansky

In Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, spatial intelligence is the “ability to visualize with the mind’s eye.” A trait dominated by xy, architects, mathematicians, scientists, and the blind. In this week’s Foto Friday we take a look into the androgyny that lies hidden within the pockets of American culture. A secret, happy society of tomgirls and boys. Though they may bound to the number 23, they are not ruled by X, Y, or a what lay in between. 


ryan florigImage © Ryan Florig

Marwane PallasImage © Marwane Pallas

zachary ayotteImage © Zachary Ayotte

Ren HangImage © 航 任

Richard Ramirez JrImage © Richard Ramirez Jr

Yaroslav LevdanskyImage © Yaroslav Levdansky

Susannah van der ZaagImage © Susannah van der Zaag

Harley WeirImage © Harley Weir


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