Foto Friday

Curated by Lilly Ball


In this week’s Foto Friday, we reflect on the discerning “Life Is Short” memento framed in every break room of every LLC, C CORP, S CORP, and SLVSHP. A reminder that one day you will die, an idiot signifying nothing. And everything you knew and everything you know will cease to exist; even the sky, even those devoured by the grave before you. But alas, it is casual Friday. May your weekend be as long as your coup de grâce


souge flickrImage © Souge

ja-shang tang flickrImage © Ja-shang Tang

Yulia Krivich flickrImage © Yulia Krivich

zamburak flickrImage © Zamburak

Alberto Polo Iañez flickrImage © Alberto Polo Iañez

lukasz wierzbowski flickrImage © Lukasz Wierzbowski


Lilly Ball joined FORTH Magazine as Art Director/Brand Manager in the Fall of 2014. She is interested in writing, people, and the forest.

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