Foto Friday

Curated by Lilly Ball



Having taken a two week hiatus, Foto Friday is back and dangerously optimistic. Dreams of volcanos erupting and walking through fire has led us here, to half-naked princesses, flaming handshakes, and a healthy “fuck you” to our misery and pain. Though we should limit burned bridges, there is no harm in torching at least one or two. We say sayonara to this week and welcome the weekend anew.


Tamara Lichtenstein FlickrImage © Tamara Lichtenstein

Yutha Yamanaka FlickrImage © Yutha Yamanaka

GORSAD KIEV FlickrImage © Gorsad.Kiev

Charlie Engman FlickrImage © Charlie Engman

Simon Kossoff FlickrImage © Simon Kossoff

Ren Hang FlickrImage © Ren Hang

Gabriel Ebensperger FlickrImage © Gabriel Ebensperger


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