Foto Friday

Curated by Lilly Ball


This week on Friday the 13th, in our 13th installment of Foto Friday, we bring you a glimpse of the stranger, darker side of womanhood. The photographer’s free their bodies from poise and moderation, adding instead a bit of grit and grain—a range farther out of the proverbial fruit bowl. The images invite the viewer to watch, to query, to judge, though the subjects could care less of their howls.


Miguel SollImage © Miguel Soll

ChihHsien ChenImage © ChihHsien Chen

Amanda JasImage © Amanda Jas

Bryan M FergusonImage © Bryan M Ferguson

Jowita PaszkoImage © Jowita Paszko

Leo BerneImage © Leo Berne

Erika BraukisImage © Erika Braukis

Melchior TersenImage © Melchior Tersen


Lilly Ball joined FORTH Magazine as Art Director/Brand Manager in the Fall of 2014. She is interested in writing, people, and the forest.

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