Foto Friday

Curated by Lilly Ball


The transition from boyhood to manhood is a long and slippery one. There are reasons why men typically pay more for life insurance and die sooner. They may also be why mountains are named after them. In this week’s Foto Friday, we bring you a touch of masculinity—what it means and what it doesn’t mean—a collection of habitual boyism.


Jorge BonelliImage © Jorge Bonelli

Bryan Kyckelhahn FlickrImage © Bryan Kyckelhahn

Tyrone Williams FlickrImage © Tyrone Williams

Michael Johnny Carson Kuby FlickrImage © Michael Johnny Carson Kuby

Melchior Tersen PhotographyImage © Melchior Tersen

Berta Pfirsich PhotographyImage © Berta Pfirsich

Lauren Max PhotographyImage © Lauren Max

Kotis Fokas FlickrImage © Kostis Fokas

Kel Ilya PhotographyImage © Kel Ilya

Dominik Geiger FlickrImage © Dominik Geiger


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