Foto Friday

Curated by Lilly Ball


There is a moment in some dreams, a tipping point before the dénouement, when that dream becomes a nightmare: images collide, faces melt, sending the idling brain into a panic. In this week’s Foto Friday—evoking the ephemeral, the apparitional, and the helpless—play like some slapdash (and often frightening) narrative of a frantic mind at rest.


julianne SwartzImage © Julianne Swartz

Joyce KimImage © Joyce Kim

2012_marline_eijk_96921Image © Marline van der Eijk

Brittney MeyerImage © Brittney Meyer

Karin&theCameraImage © Karin & the Camera


Lilly Ball joined FORTH Magazine as Art Director/Brand Manager in the Fall of 2014. She is interested in writing, people, and the forest.

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