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Nearing the end of the year, we bring you our top 7 New Years resolutions in this week’s Foto Friday. We find it easier to follow our goals if we have them written out in front of us, or, in this case, pictured. What do you wish to accomplish in the year 2015?

 1. Take bigger risks

Image © Clemens Fantur

 2. Spend less time on the internet

Carson_Fisk-VittoriImage © Carson Fisk-Vitorri

 3. Build more friendships

Image © Can Dagarslani 

 4. Wake up earlier

Image © Francesca Jane Allen 

 5. Eat healthier

Eylul_Aslan_Photography_10aImage © Eylül Aslan

6. Stop smoking socially

Image © Sel One

 7. Go outside of the city more often

Image © Ethan Aaro Jones 


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