Galaxies Apart: Fiction by Thomas J. Misuraca


Heather’s car barreled through the streets of Lexington faster than a Minute Man getting his shit together. We were working on our second Big One from Dunkin’ Donuts. Caffeine pumped through our veins like gas through the car cylinders.

“David did the cutest thing yesterday,” Heather’s face beamed as she thought of her new boyfriend.
I grasped the “oh shit” bar to brace myself.

“He made me an origami hippo.”

“An origami hippo?”

My body flew against the door as she made a turn at fifty.

David had the build of a football player; the kind of guy who made me his dodge ball victim in high school. I couldn’t picture his meaty hands folding gray paper into little hippopotamuses.

“He’s so creative. He wrote a rock opera once. He wants Axl Rose to play the lead.”

She stared at me as she spoke. I pointed to the windshield, hoping she would pay attention to the winding road before us.

“And he loves my idea about a big screen version of the musical Cats with real cats.”

The car leapt over the hills on our way toward the Hanscom Airforce Base.

Opposite the blue and yellow lights of the runway was a street paved with orange reflectors. Speeding down this street with our high beams on created an exciting light show for those of us on a caffeine rush. This was how we spent many a summer evening since we received our licenses. We called it the Battlestar Galactica run.

I treasured these now few meetings with Heather. All summer it had been just the two of us. Our few high school friends that had come home for the summer were lost in preparations for their upcoming senior year of college.

Then David entered the picture and screwed everything up. He worked in the produce department of the supermarket where she was a cashier. She claimed that he’d changed his ways since high school, but on the few occasions the three of us hung out, all I saw was a smart-ass jock.

Heather and I went from hanging out every night to once a week. David was all she needed now.

“Are we going to do our trip down the Cape this summer?” I asked.

“David said he’d love to come with us.”

I didn’t recall inviting him.

“His father may be able to get us a corporate rate at a Best Western.”

What was wrong with our usual bed and breakfast?

“Maybe you’ll have a girlfriend by then. That way you don’t have to be in a room by yourself.”

Why should I be by myself? The whole point of the trip was spending time together; we stayed up and drank until we passed out in some corner of the room.

As we raced through the Battlestar Galactica run, she said, “This is what love feels like.”

The coffee churned in my stomach and I silently agreed.

Thomas J. Misuraca studied Writing, Publishing and Literature at Emerson College in his home town of Boston. Over eighty of his short stories have appeared in publications worldwide. Two of his novels have been published, including the vampire parody novel, Lifestyles of the Damned. Thomas has focused more on theater recently. Over one hundred of his one-act plays have been produced or stage read globally, and his full-length musical, Geeks!, was produced Off-Off Broadway in October 2012 (and opening Off-Broadway in April 2019).


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