FORTH is not currently accepting new submissions.
Please check back soon. Thank you!


We are looking for unique artwork and interesting but effective writing about ideas that mean something to you. Simultaneous submissions and unsolicited submissions are okay; please advise immediately if a story has been accepted elsewhere, as we do not accept previously published writing or poetry. Keep in mind, FORTH magazine does not pay artists or writers at this time. But we also do not charge a submission fee. Yippie! Please read the guidelines below:

1) Include the type of Submission in the subject of the email (eg: “Submission – Fiction”).

2) Please title each submission/attachment with the name of the piece and your name (eg: “My Art/Writing Piece – My Name”)

3) Include in the email: Your name, a brief bio of yourself, and HOW YOU HEARD ABOUT FORTH. If you have a twitter and/or instagram account, please include your handle so we can shout you out if your work is published.

4) Please try to include a photo (no larger than 500 kbs) to go along with the spirit of your submission piece(s). Note: This should NOT be an author photo – just a photo to accompany the piece(s). If you do not provide a photo and your work is accepted, we will choose one to go along with your piece(s) for you.

5) Copy and Paste the following paragraph into your submission email. Submissions without this paragraph will NOT be considered or responded to!

The attachments herein are solely owned and copyrighted by me and display aesthetic work solely owned and/or copyrighted by me. As such, I have full legal authority to submit them to FORTH magazine for publication purposes. Should my work be chosen for publication, I shall hence grant FORTH magazine the non-exclusive rights to publish the attached work in any and all mediums throughout the world in connection only with FORTH magazine and agree to the Terms and Conditions set FORTH on

(Your Full Name) e-signature
(Word Count)


NOTE: Please pare down your submission to include only the essentials. Generally, shorter pieces are better suited to our publication. 


FORTH seeks contemporary, non-rhyming poetry. You may submit up to 2 poems per month.


FORTH Magazine seeks new works of short fiction up to 1,200 words.  You may submit up to 1 fiction piece per month.


FORTH Magazine seeks new works of short non-fiction up to 1,500 words.  You may submit up to 1 non-fiction piece per month. We are seeking submissions in the following genres of non-fiction:

  1. PERSONAL MEMOIRS & ESSAYS: Distinct voices and stylistic writing that pulls us into the story of your life and/or gives us a brief, intimate glimpse into your unique experience.
  2. JOURNALISM: Experiential, first-personal journalism with an interesting story to tell. Can be creative, can be strange, can be Gonzo. But have a point and reveal something we haven’t heard before.


1) Pieces submitted must be no more than 300kbs in size each. Should your work be chosen, we will email you for higher-quality sizes.

2) Pieces should be submitted as email attachments in one of the following: jpeg, gif, png, tiff, or pdf. Also include a website, online portfolio, or social media links if you have them.

3) You may submit up to 10 attachments per month.


Submissions in excess of the amounts that you may submit per month, as outlined above, will not be read or responded to. PLEASE NOTE: We rarely publish work from the same artist or writer more than once in a given 12-month period. So, if you have been published by FORTH, awesome! But please wait to submit new work for at least a year from your last publication date with us.

Send submissions to:

Fiction submissions:
Art submission:
Poetry submission:

We respond within 4 weeks of submission. If for some reason we haven’t responded within that time, please feel free to bug us.

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