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In a Virtual World, What is Gravity? – Julia Ingalls


As we officially abandon the larger world of wind, rain, sun, and sand for the 2D flicker of the high speed realm, how will we represent gravity? Has this intrinsic force, which once governed our actions across tarmacs and savannahs alike, been outsourced? The virtual realm has representations of everything else: sex, money, shopping, and…

The Drinking Curve – by Julia Ingalls


Much like the bell curve, there is a drinking curve, divided into six stages: teetotalers, social drinkers, business owners, people who drink too much, writers, and finally, alcoholics. Although most people will spend their life hovering somewhere between being a social drinker and someone who drinks too much, a few rare individuals go all the…

Italian artist Mario Canali comes to Los Angeles, by Vicki Godal


The National Italian American Foundation and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Los Angeles co-host Canali. To view Mario Canali’s art is to transport into a world of paradox, both delightful and disturbing. Featuring inquisitive human hybrids and surreal landscapes, Canali’s works are disruptive, edgy and innovative, as they were when he painted them in the…

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