Daily Archives: March 26, 2010

Santa Monica Airport ArtWalk


On Saturday, March 20, I found myself exploring airplane hangars full of art at the Santa Monica Airport Artwalk. Literally—airplane hangars full of art. Studio space like you would not even believe. And everyone was showing it off—and everyone and their mother was there (as well as their children wearing Disney Princess costumes—apparently I missed the memo).

Night Lights at DNJ Gallery


Night—it can be a time of peaceful tranquility when all the world seems to be at rest; or it can be something more sinister—a time when nothing is as it seems. For many of us as children the darkness of the night presented a slew of frights. For me, a vivid imagination too often got the best of me as I saw a desk chair to be an angry lion or a bureau to be a looming monster once the lights turned off. Could it be the world transforms as day turns into night? Or are our minds just playing tricks on us? In any case, for whatever reason our perceptions of things seem to change at night—sometimes making the world more beautiful, other times more mysterious. A walk through the current exhibit at DNJ Gallery entitled “Night Lights” is what spurred these thoughts as the three artists on display present photographs of various scenes, all taken solely at night.

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