Daily Archives: October 29, 2009

A Visceral Affair, Short Fiction by Sophie Kipner


Her nervous toes danced under the table. She thought, on this dismal day in South West London, the time had come to confess her state of tangled affairs. She could, given the spotlight for long enough, call attention to quite a few issues plaguing the Longley family dynamic. She thought it best, however, to focus solely on the emotional affair she had been having with her parents’ neighbors’ 33 year-old son, Kingsley Stone, whom she had met three years prior at an equally dismal Christmas dinner.

Century City: Still Not Happening, by Julia Ingalls


Let’s face it: Century City is still not happening. Despite the hilarious CAA building, a glass structure with a giant empty hole in the center that seems almost too perfect a representation of Hollywood intelligence, Century City fails to enliven. This is human brokerage central, the hub of deal-making and commerce, where eating is for slackers and the elevators only work if you have an access-fob. And really, who doesn’t love a motivated professional with shark teeth and the ability to balance both a yogurt and a starlet’s career in one hand?

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