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Questions from Codex


In the year 142,304, the original human star called “Sun” finally burned itself out, becoming the white dwarf it was always destined to become. Life on the original planet persisted for almost two millennia, adapting as it were to the cold, harsh climate of the planet they still called Earth. But finally, in Cosmological Decade 18, two full space decades earlier than expected for the Degenerative Era’s birth, the Sun’s dwindling energy had completely defused, and the original planet called Earth became uninhabitable.

"Nowhere Road" Excerpt from "That Summertime Sound"


Invisible Dan drove the car, a green Volkswagen Jetta that hurtled along I-80 in the middle of the night. We’d just coaxed him into fifth gear—he’d never driven a stick before—and now allowed ourselves to drowse, drifting on the edge of sleep as we whisked through central Pennsylvania. The Promised Land was still two hundred miles away. Columbus, Columbus, Columbus. Was there a word more beautiful in all the language than this one, which bespoke whole worlds of firstness, freshness, discovery? Westward we flew, as the word made a rosary under my breath, the engine’s hum and the seat’s vibration lulling me deeper. Then a truck slid past on the left and Dan panicked. He ground the gearbox and stomped on the brake.

The Interim


A space, a square – you rearrange my skin with one hand, complicating the gesture while simplifying my frame. A space, a square where time has been cancelled, stripped of its original function. The interim?

Eating Mushrooms in the Sequoia National Park


I am covered in earth, pacing the Lake Isabella shoreline in a bell-shaped curve, an empty trajectory. There’s a group of us and the consensus is that they taste disgusting and when the nausea hits you know they’re working, but I think they taste like chocolate and chalk and I’m not feeling nausea as much…



A hand beckons from a coffin the brain slams into a bottle, bloodshot flooding the eye you stagger away wearing a sign that readsdon’t give up on me.

Forth Magazine Issue #3


Editor’s Note: I am so excited about this issue of FORTH. To present work from both internationally-acclaimed poet Elizabeth Alexander—featured poet at President Obama’s Inauguration—and the Westside-based poetry duo Steve & Sekou national slam champions—we had to expand our page-count to give our readers such literary giants. The message from each poet about how literature…

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