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Thank you for your interest in Forth Magazine. To submit your work for publication, please read the following guidelines, pay rates, and instructions.


1) You must be a resident of Los Angeles.

2) The work submitted must be owned and copyrighted by the person submitting the piece for publication.

3) Simultaneous submissions and unsolicited submissions are okay; previously published work is accepted as long as the work was NOT displayed in a publication specific to Los Angeles.

What we are looking for:

Anything and everything of significant artistic merit. Can be raw and edgy, soft and delicate, sophisticated or simple… for more specific guidance, see each section below.

Poetry, Prose, & Journalism

NOTE: Please edit your submissions to include only what is essential to your piece. Generally, shorter pieces are easier to fit in for publication.

Pieces must be no more than 500 words.

Prose (fiction/non-fiction):
Pieces must be no more than 2000 words.
Any piece over 2000 words will not be considered… sorry.


We will accept both pre-written investigative pieces (2000 words limit) as well as pitches for journalism pieces.

If sending a pitch, please also send a past clip of journalistic work. We love subjective/Gonzo journalism; it must be edgy and possibly controversial, but definitely supported by research/experience.

1) Should not be mere opinion

2) List the word count as well as your name at the top of your submission, under your title.

3) You may submit up to: 3 poems, 1 fiction/non-fiction piece, or 2 journalistic pitches.

Pieces should be submitted either in the body of your email or as email attachments in Microsoft Word.

What we are looking for:

Almost any genre of poetry or prose, including:
Creative (Subjective/Gonzo) Journalism
Humor, or Social / Political commentary
NO standard, dry journalism or run-of-the-mill personal memoirs.

Most Important: Be creative, insightful, and well-written. Push the limits! We like edgy as well as intellectual. Send us your best. Catch us with the first sentence or two!

Current pay rate: 10cts/word with a cap at $100/piece.

Artwork & Photography

1) Pieces submitted must be no more than 100kbs in size each. Should your work be chosen, we will email you for higher-quality sizes.

2) Pieces should be submitted as email attachments in one of the following: jpeg, gif, png, tiff, or pdf.

3) You may submit up to 3 attachments, each subscribing to the guidelines above.<

What we are looking for:

Any genre, including:
Photos of artwork (i.e. sculpture,  furniture, fashion, style, etc.)

Most Important: Have creative and artistic integrity and push the limits!
NO traditional, old-fashion, hotel-wall submissions.

Current pay rate: $10/piece exhibited (per file attachment)


We respond within 6 weeks of submission. If your work is chosen, we prefer to pay via PayPal. To submit your work, please follow these Instructions:

1) Email your work as an attachment to:
Literature submissions: lit.submissions@forthmagazine.com
Non-Fiction/Journalism submission: nonfiction.submissions@forthmagazine.com
Art submission: art.submissions@forthmagazine.com
Web Submissions: web.submissions@forthmagazine.com

Include the type of Submission in the subject of the email
(eg: “Submission – Poetry”).

2) Please title each submission/attachment with the name of the piece and your name
(eg: “My Art/Writing Piece – My Name”)

3) Include in the email: Your Name, Phone #, Street Address, and HOW YOU HEARD ABOUT FORTH.

4) Copy and Paste the following paragraph into your submission email
Submissions without this paragraph will NOT be considered!

The attachments herein are solely owned and copyrighted by me and display aesthetic work solely owned and/or copyrighted by me. As such, I have full legal authority to submit them to Forth Magazine for publication purposes. Should my work be chosen for publication, I understand I will be paid according to the pay scale listed on forthmagazine.com’s “Submissions” page, and I shall hence grant Forth Magazine the non-exclusive rights to publish the attached work in any and all mediums throughout the world in connection only with Forth Magazine.

(Your Full Name)
(Full Residential Address)
(Contact Phone #)

5) Forth Magazine.com does not currently compensate financially for accepted web submissions. Web exclusive submissions should be emailed separately for consideration to websubmissions@forthmagazine.com. All criteria and formatting requirements for submissions are the same as those outlined above, with the exception of financial compensation. We encourage you to submit your work for consideration!