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Jeremy Shawn Pollack
Jeremy Pollack’s formal literary training began at the University of Southern California, where he earned his B.A in English and studied creative writing under renowned author T.C. Boyle. While at USC, he simultaneously spent time at Rolling Stone Magazine as an editorial assistant to Senior Editor David Wilde. Jeremy is a member of the National Author’s Registry as well as the American Scholars National Honor Society.  Jeremy’s first novel won Best Novel, Science Fiction at the Hollywood Spiritual Entertainment Festival in late 2004. Since then, his writing has been published in various literary magazines such as Struggle, The Oak, and Altar. He has also written for several traditional news and zine publications, including L.A. Times Magazine, the Ventura County Star, Boulder Magazine, Casual Living, others.



Candice Silva
Candice Silva is a 25 year old writer from Chicago. She moved to Los Angeles in 2013, only to come running back to the Midwest a year later. She couldn’t let go of the city that always seemed to love her. Candice has published work all over the world wide web – check out her portfolio here. Otherwise, you can follow her on adventures of self exploration through Twitter or Instagram.



Amanda Montell
Co-Founding Editor/Editorial Advisor
Amanda Montell is an East Coast-born writer, editor, and pizza enthusiast living in Los Angeles. She has been involved with FORTH since its relaunch in May 2014, and also works as a staff editor at beauty publication Byrdie. Amanda’s essays have been published or are forthcoming in Medium, Literary Orphans, and The Rumpus, among others. Her writing has also appeared in Thought Catalog, Woman’s Day, and Time Out magazine. Amanda graduated magna cum laude from NYU with a degree in Linguistics. For more:


Cassie Ciopryna
Managing Editor | Poetry Editor
Like a lot of LA residents, Cassie is a transplant to Los Angeles, moving from her home-state of Connecticut in 2013 after finishing her MFA in Poetry at Southern Connecticut State University. She has an unusual love for unicorns, corgis and manatees, and is a self-proclaimed pro at singing/rapping in the car (even in LA traffic—no shame). She has been published in Drunk Monkeys, Mouse Tales Press, Adanna, Wicked Banshee Press, and others. She also is a regular contributing writer for Never Liked It Anyway. You can follow Cassie on Twitter @sassycassie426 or Instagram @sassycass426.


Lilly Ball
Executive Editor | Brand Manager
Lilly is Portland-based writer with a penchant for travel, stand-up comedy, and film. She has been published in Correspondence Magazine by Citizens of Culture and Flaunt Magazine. She hopes someday you can join her family at Ballapolooza, held annually in De Moines, Iowa. Follow her travels on Instagram @christmasruiner and view her work at



Kaila Allison
Fiction/Non-Fiction Editor
Kaila Allison graduated from NYU with a B.A. in Creative Writing and Adolescent Psychology. Her short stories and essays have been featured in The Millions, Tin House’s Open Bar, Liberty Project, Potluck Mag, and The Minetta Review. She is a writer and editor in New York City. Feel free to follow her on twitter!


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Katia Kash
Visual Arts Associate Editor
Katia Kash is a traveling writer from London. She received her Master’s degree in Creative&Professional Writing from Roehampton University, London. Her poetry and short stories have been featured in various literary journals. She is also a trained aerialist and takes pictures on film. Katia’s work can be found at



Anna Ter-Yegishyan
Editorial Assistant
Anna Ter-Yegishyan studies English at UCLA and dedicates most of her free time translating her thoughts into sentences. She has recently self-published a collection of her short essays and poems, Eye Drops, which you can check out here.


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Alexa Brahme

Editorial Assistant

Alexa Brahme studies creative writing at Vanderbilt University and splits her time between doing work at Fido Cafe and missing the bus. Though she was born and raised in San Diego, she plans (like everyone else graduating from college) to head to New York after graduation.




Nicole Horowitz
Nicole was born and raised in a sunny suburb in Orange County, California, and recently graduated from New York University where she studied theatre, film, counter-culture and all things writing. She’s in the process of returning to the West Coast to pursue her dream of writing for film and television. In the meantime, she writes for Forth, works in a drama class on the east side of Manhattan, and attempts to live life the best she can, which often involves falling asleep, book in hand. Nicole has also written for Outrageous Fortune Magazine, is a member of the Dramatist Guild, and spent last year as an Artist in Residence at the NYU Bronfman Center.

Melissa Breccia
Melissa is an editor for Los Angeles City College’s newspaper, The Collegian, and a student of all forms of writing. She left Temple University in Philadelphia because Philly is better appreciated from a distance, and feels as though California has always been her home. She is an admirer of the horror genre and has a small, excited bunny named Sweden. Photos of Sweden can be found on Twitter and Instagram @melissabreccia and writing can be found at

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