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FORTH was created to explore, examine, and expose the work of both established and up-and-coming artists and writers. Through these digital pages, we take readers into the world of the author, the mind of the poet, the vision of the artist, to gain a unique perspective of the often intriguing, sometimes haunting, always strange, little worlds of our most innovative creators. Our mission is to support writers and artists by exposing their work and exploring their lives, and to maintain a recurring set of innovative writers and journalists that you'll only see in our pages. Our content isn't classical or traditional. We publish short format writing for the modern reader and contemporary art that challenges the modern onlooker. Founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2009, FORTH represents art and literature in a way that resonates with an evolving need for interactive media. The West Coast is on the scene. Welcome and enjoy!

Mysteries in the Sky: Poetry by Joan McNerney


One summer when only seven, she heard thunderstorms bursting through skies, watched lightning slash bright Z’s across night.   Later she studied for hours currents of mercurial storms and cloud formations.  Stratus, altostratus, cirrus, cumulus fell swiftly from her lips.   Some places burned with rings of blistering winds sweeping across the desert. Rains rammed…

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